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Written by: Emily Hollingshead

You have a paper to write and at least three chapters to review, but what is a diligent student to do when all their favorite study spots have been temporarily closed? Taking online classes is an efficient way to get work done, but in a digital world that is clamoring for our attention, these tips can help Raiders stay focused and GO Far!  

1. No Netflix

While many of us feel we work better with background noise, turning on your favorite show to play in the background isn’t going to help you power through your paper. Things with compelling visuals and audio are very competitive when it comes to our attention. If you require background noise, turn off Netflix and try finding upbeat instrumental music or music sung in a foreign language you don’t speak. 

2. Prioritize phone notifications

Your phone is on silent, but it still vibrates with every text, call and Snapchat notification and ends up stealing your attention regardless. In case of an emergency, it is important for people to be able to reach you, so it is ok to keep audible notifications for texts and calls. However, you can temporarily adjust notifications in your settings to not interrupt you during work or school hours. No need to have your phone buzz for every single Instagram like.  

3. Add accountability to your day

Tell a friend or classmate what you hope to accomplish, and check in with them throughout the day to let them know how your progress is going. Studying with others, even online, helps keep your focus on task. Better yet, organize your studying by assigning different tasks to different people in your study group. This will help narrow your focus while providing the extra urgency that others depend on you.

The Academic Success Center is offering online tutoring to students. 

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6. Take phone-free breaks

Besides social media breaks, it is important to give yourself an overall screen break. Taking a short walk outside, breathing fresh air or cleaning up a room are excellent ways to give yourself time to unwind and rejuvenate before returning to a task on the computer. Breaking away from the physical location of the computer between tasks will help you transition between them mentally as well and offers a break from the monotony of staring at a computer screen all day. 

7. Tidy up your screen

Finally, try to keep the information on your screen as tidy as possible. Avoid having multiple browsers or windows open as you are trying to focus. Go full-screen mode if you are watching a lecture or writing a paper to keep your mouse, eyes and attention from wandering.

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